Penotti’s heritage of TV ads

Watch and enjoy our ever-expanding collection of TV ads.

Go dotty for Duo Penotti!

Our brand new bumper ad featuring the iconic and catchy Duo Penotti soundlogo!

Duo Penotti MAXI Chocolate Sprinkles

Extra large sprinkles to give MAXI chocolate flavour. Thanks to the innovative duo opening you can decorate your waffle or pancake the way you want.

Duo Penotti Caramel

Duo Penotti Caramel is an all-time favourite: its unique creamy taste comes from real caramel and combined with a delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. This TV ad sums it up.

The TV ad that turned Duo Penotti into a household name

Duo Penotti’s iconic and award-winning ‘2 colours in 1 jar’ advertising campaign is one of the most groundbreaking and popular in Dutch advertising history.

The brand highlighted the innovative and delicious product concept (2 colours, 2 flavours, 6 stripes in 1jar) together with its fun side

The jingle is one the catchiest tunes of all time and still pops into the heads of many people today.

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