Duo Penotti Hot

The famous and delicous stripy chocolate hazelnut spread 'Duo Penotti' is now available as a hot chocolate topping for waffles, fruit, pancakes,...

Instruction movie Duo Penotti Hot


  • You can choose your favourite Duo Penotti topping and create your own dessert by one simple press of a button
  • Duo Penotti Hot is made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Four delicious flavours:

(1) Duo Penotti: the original, brown and white stripy chocolate hazelnut topping

(2) Hazelnut: a premium quality chocolate hazelnut topping with freshly harvested hazelnuts to create a rich tasty flavour

(3) Vanilla: a smooth and creamy natural vanilla topping

(4) Dark chocolate: a rich, deep and dark chocolate topping made from the world's finest cocoa beans

You can also combine all the different flavours!




Professional market

Duo Penotti Hot: a new way of serving premium quality hot chocolate toppings

The Duo Penotti Hot dispenser is ideal for self-service, professional users and out-of-home shops. Duo Penotti Hot enables you to create all kinds of fancy and tasty desserts and gives an exciting and professional touch to your pancakes, ice creams, fruit, waffles, churritos...

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